Monday, April 12, 2010

Bokura ga Ita 我们的存在

Bokura ga Ita

Anime that fairly close to our reality life. I was google-ing some good Anime and found this one. Not my number 1 priority but since I have no other Anime on list so why not?

Aiks! Another incomplete Anime. I hate it when they do this. If you want to convert a Manga to Anime, please please please make sure that you will give us a FULL VERSION complete Anime, Thank you.

I love the storyline though. I love all the characters as well except this is one of the heart-breaker storyline. Not like it arose your anger but on the other hand, it shrinks your heart. It made me feels like someone is stabbing my heart but it's not because of that person is bad but he has not choice. Get me?

I can understand how Yano feels here where he lost his First Love NaNa who died in car accident.
I can understand why he feels that way, he thought NaNa had betrayed him.
I can understand that he can't even blame or hate a person that no longer alive.

But at the same time,

I can understand how Nanami *yea.. almost the same name* feels that there will be a NaNa in Yano heart.
I can understand how hurt that will be when you know your bf will never get over his ex.
I can understand how helpless it will be when your bf thinks of his ex all the time and you can do nothing because his ex died in an accident.. T.T

Yano loves NaNa, Yano loves Nanami

sorry I am mumbling again and again.........

I'm still thinking maybe I should go for Manga.
I always vote Anime over Manga but in this case!
I guess I have no choice huh?

My heart song:
- Suki Dakara by Izumi Katou (in playlist)
- Futari no Kisetsu ga by Nozomi Sasaki (in playlist)

*Love Futari no Kisetsu ga to the MAX!

Rating: 9/10

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fruit Basket 水果篮子

Fruit Basket

One of my favorite! It's funny how I get to know this Anime though. Technically, I'm not the one who found this one, instead it was a present from my mum's friend. She bought this Anime at China and gave it to me. Oh well, everyone know I love Anime. =)

The main theme of this Anime is about Chinese Zodiac. Tohru Honda, who accidentally learns that 13 members of the Sohma family are possessed by different animals in the Zodiac. They are cursed to transform into their animal forms if they are hold by anyone of the opposite site.

It seems like this Anime is a comedy when you first watch it but slowly, you feel warm, love, anger, and sadness. I cried a few times throughout the whole series and then, I thought, "why is that the title Fruit Basket?" I'm a bit shock when Tohru explained that when she was in the kindergarten, all kids were playing a game called Fruit Basket, each kid was assigned a "fruit" name. So, the game starts as one of the kids name a fruit name and so on. While all the kids were getting involved in the game, Tohru on the other hand, sits quietly on the tiny little chair waiting to be called. However, she didn't know that she will never be involved in the game because her name was Onigiri, which is rice ball. My heart shrink for a second when I finally understand the title. How cruel is that if that happens to me? Feeling that I am not belong to the group hurts me badly.

The warm part of it is when Sohma members get to know Tohru and love her as if she belongs to the family. Definitely recommend this Anime. Trust me, I've watched for maybe 3 times? My little cousins love it too. =) Oh well, they are indeed Anime freak like me now. Lolz~

Too many great characters in the series, I don't know which pictures to put!!! I guess I'm gonna go for Yuki then!

One thing that I don't like the Anime is the ending. No exact ending yet so you might want to consider reading Manga version of it then.

WARNING! Long playlist~~~~ ^.^

My heart song:
- For Fruits Basket by Ritsuko Okazaki (in playlist)
- Chiisana Inori by Ritsuko Okazaki (in playlist)
- Sorairo (in playlist)
- Aisubeki Ashita (in playlist)
- Serenade (in playlist)
- Tada Nakitaku Naru no *instrumental* (in playlist)
- Jokyoku Overture *instrumental* (in playlist)
- Secret *instrumental* (in playlist)

Rating: 10/10

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge 完美小姐进化论

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Live Action Drama

  • 高野恭平 - 龟梨和也 : He looks good too!
  • 遠山雪之丞 -手越祐也
  • 中原須奈子 -大政绚
  • 織田武長 - 內博貴 : My number one love in this drama =)
  • 森井蘭丸 - 宮尾俊太郎
  • 中原武 - 加藤清史郎
So, I just finished this one earlier. *Yes, just finished at this time, at this moment* Hmm.. I will say not a very good one I guess.

Comedy? Not very funny.
Storyline? Not very interesting.

But still, I finished it because someone in the drama caught my attention. ahaaahaa.. 武長! 帅!

and not to forget

My heart song:
- Love Yourself by Kat Tun (in playlist)

Anyway, Anime is much better than drama. Check on my ANIME post!

Rating: 6/10

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge 完美小姐进化论

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Comedy indeed! Another kind of Anime that I love. No no, not romance kind of Anime although there are still "love" part in it.

Anyway, one of my favorite which talks about how 4 good looking guys try to transform a girl who thought she is ugly after she got rejected by her first love with the reason of her being UGLY. I don't think there is any 'plot' review for this one since no major storyline here. So apart of storyline, I love how funny this Anime is! Seriously, super hilarious!

And one more thing, the way the author draw them is so cute! You will see a lot of chibi mode character, characters who look all the same and also super pretty kind of character. Aaahh... one word.. different!

Not a fan for the song though.. too bad..... >.<


By the way, there is Live Action Drama for this Anime. =)

Fate/Stay Night 圣杯之战

Fate/Stay Night

To be honest, I don't quite remember the plot of this Anime. To be more accurate, I forgot most of it. >.< But I remember I was almost crazy when I watch this one because the playlist continue non-stop. Which explain why I don't quite remember it now. I guess I didn't really watch it at all, I was too eager to know what will be happen in the end. My fault!!! I should slowly enjoy it instead of just flipping it through! aiks!

Anyway, I still remember Saber and some of the character of course. Saber is pretty indeed but I don't hate other Servant * oh well, I prefer calling them Hero * . So, I like all other Heroes as well. They are not bad, they have their own wish, their own will, they are HERO! The one Hero that I'm most familiar with is the Caster aka Medea.

*Why? Thanks to theater class I took in Sunway University College. I have to watch few classical film and using the theme of "desperate woman", to write an essay relating that theme. So, I watched "Medea", did damn loads of research and write that super hard essay. Not because of the theme that made it hard but the lecturer himself. =.=" But still, I'm glad I took the class though, I had lots of fun indeed! *

Okay, stop this, back to topic.

Although this Anime shows a lot of fight scene but I like how it shows some "flash back" scenes that touches your heart. Very warm yet very sad. If Fate would explain more on the story of each Hero, that will be great great great!

Last but not least,

My heart song:
- Anata ga Ita Mori (in playlist)
* I know this song even before I watch the Anime, just GREAT! *

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ayashi no Ceres 梦幻妖子

Ayashi no Ceres

One of the best! The storyline is perfect with the theme of a celestial maiden who lost her celestial robe while she came to the earth. I am pretty sure that most of us somehow know a little about the legend of celestial robe. However, there were some difference here though. First, the legend is no longer a legend because Ceres does exist in the family of Mikage. Second, the legend is beautiful but the truth is not. Mikage family is tracking down Ceres who reborn in the family and kill her at her sixteenth birthday, generation by generation. So, the story starts here where Aya and Aki, the twin was told to celebrate their sixteenth birthday at their grandfather house, but turn out, Aya is Ceres whereas Aki is Mikagi. Then the story goes................

I personally love Toya a lot. Aiks.. Anime always make guys look perfectly handsome, girls look gorgeous, so not much to describe how he looks right? Although Yuhi is a great but too bad he is just not so attractive as compared to Toya. *I am so sorry*

Anyway, this Anime is more likely for adult because some part of it are kind of bloody and maybe ecchi in some place. So.... kids.. please stay away from this Anime ya.. =) watch it when you're mentally ready kay?

And not to forget about song!

My heart song:
- スカーレット Scarlet (in playlist)
- Cross My Heart (in playlist)

Rating: 9/10

Prince of Tennis 网球王子

Prince of Tennis
Tenisu no Ojisama

Great Anime after Slam Dunk I will say. It's been awhile since I get to see something like Slam Dunk. Indeed, it is not necessary to have any romance scene to make it better because this is good enough! 认真的男人最帅 ! Prince of Tennis has a total of 178 episodes not including movie film, but trust me, you won't feel like you are chasing something long. In fact, you kind of feel sad when it comes to an end. I know some people doesn't like it because they think it is too exaggerate by some point but who cares? It's Anime for god sake! What I'm gonna do is I will do something similar to Slam Dunk where I comment on each character.

Echizen Ryoma 越前龙马
- My number 1 love in this Anime. The reason is so obvious right? He is the youngest, He is cool, He doesn't get distracted by romance, He is the best, the prodigy of tennis, He beats everyone! One more thing, he is left-handed like my man. Ahahah... Forgot to mention, I watch this Anime together with my man. To be more accurate, I was watching POT and then my man started to watch with me. Make sense? Aiks.. whatever!

Tezuka Kunimitsu 手塚 国光
- The leader of the Seigaku team. He is great but too bad his arm was injured by idiot so, just a little of him being amazing was shown in POT. Te-zu-ka Zone~

Fuji Shusike 不二 周助
- My 2nd love. He is so funny sometimes you know! He is known as the genius and something to note, his eyes are mostly close except when he is in the game. How cute is that! And beware, he can be very scary sometimes.

Oishi Shuichiro 大石 秀一郎
- Member of the golden pair. Vice-president and the "mother" for the team. He cares and worries about all of the members.

Kikumaru Eiji 菊丸 英二
- Another member of the golden pair. Eiji and Oishi form the best pair ever!

Kawamura Takashi 河村 隆
- BURNING~~~~ and SUSHI~~~~ that's what I can say about him. =)

Inui Sadaharu 乾 貞治
- The one who use "data tennis". Very good in calculating the possibilities of what will be happening in the game. He seems to be quiet and cool but sometimes he does crack out some joke especially when he offers his "Inui juice". I remember there was an episode where all players "die" because of that. Funny~

Momoshiro Takeshi 桃城 武
- Closest friend of Ryoma. I don't know why but he looks kinda like Sendoh from Slam Dunk. Maybe because of his hair style.. hahaha...

Kaidoh Kaoru 海堂 薫
- The snake guy or The viper.. Nothing much to say... hahha.. snakey snakey snakey~

Not a big fan of the songs, so I'm gonna skip this part.

Rating: 9/10